Natural Sources Of Coenzyme Q10 And How It Helps Your Body

While there is a chance you didn’t hear about it yet, every cell in your body contains coenzyme q10. This is a naturally occurring chemical that protects your body from a wide range of diseases and infections thanks to its antioxidative properties. But while your body will produce coenzyme q10 until you're thirty, you don't have to worry about your body not getting a healthy intake of it every day. That’s because there are many coenzyme q10 supplements you can easily find online to use on a daily basis.

Uses Of Coenzyme Q10

So what does your body use coq10 for? Well, for one this is a very useful chemical that will help convert fats and carbs into adenosine triphosphate. Coenzyme q10 seems to be favored by athletes and bodybuilders alike and that is because it helps them recover much faster after engaging in physical training. In fact, even if you're a sedentary person, like someone who works in an office 8 hours a day, you can still take coenzyme q10 and improve your exercise performance.

Find It In Your Foods

It's true that some people may choose to get their daily intake of coenzyme q10 by eating foods which are rich in it. If you`re that type of person, then you should know you can find it in foods such as fish, poultry and generally meat. For instance, a three oz serving of beef contains about two point six mg of coenzyme q10. If you choose to eat herring on the other hand, for the same sized serving you're going to get two point three mg of it. Lastly, chicken only contains one point four mg of coenzyme q10 for a three oz serving.

Oils, Seeds And Nuts

There are of course a lot of coenzyme q10 sources you can consider and three very important ones include seeds, nuts and various soils. For instance, if you want to get it from oils, then you should use more canola and soybean oil in your cooking. With just a single tbsp of any of these oils, you're going to get one point three mg of coq10. Pistachios and peanuts are rich in coenzyme q10 as well and they contain point six and point eight mg of it per oz respectively. If you're someone who wants to lead a healthier life and you want to take action now, then it's best that you start by improving your coq10 intake. The sooner you do it, the faster you'll improve your health.